If you have paying customers and a team in place with a product MVP, you can choose to go through the Investment team.

Not at all. We accept all actual and aspiring founders at a pre-revenue and pre-seed stage.

Yes. You will be fast-tracked to the Investment team for review and let you know if you are shortlisted.

The Investment team typically looks at Seed to Series A with few exceptions. If you think your business is strategically aligned with our group or any of its existing businesses, let us know your idea. If you are specifically looking to take your business and go to market in any Southeast Asian market or Japan, we can take your idea to our Joint Ventures team for review.

We prefer if you have an existing idea so we can help crystallize it into a business plan. The idea can be high-level (e.g. industry - online travel, generational target - ageing/elderly or any other vector)

How We Make Decisions

REAPRA covers a wide range of industries from aviation to real estate tech to travel provided the businesses are asset-light and scalable. Our mandate focuses on building and investing in areas that are atypical in the venture space, so we do not actively dabble in mainstream industries such as Fintech, Marketplace, and Cryptocurrencies.

Our key emphasis is on the Founder, his or her skills and motivation.

We prefer asset-light business models, first-mover advantage and a well-defined monetization strategy.

Southeast Asian markets are our key markets.

The Build 80 Project

Once we have met you and determined possible fit, we will invite you to a week long sprint, held in one of our offices. The purpose of this is to see what outputs evolve which will allow us to better understand if we can work together. If our IC see potential, we will work with you to develop a business plan, financial forecast, and investment structure that allows us to incorporate a Company so we can start building together.

Our sprint step, ensures we validate critical business questions as we develop a business plan with the entrepreneur. This window gives both parties an opportunity to not just validate a component of your business or business idea but provide both parties an opportunity to ascertain if there’s fitment in terms of people and business before we look to work more closely.

Once we have invested in your Company, we highly recommend that you work with us in one our offices for at least for the following 6 months. Note in South-East Asia locations outside of Singapore, we will be launching offices through 2018.

Corporate Strategy is a team we created to provide post-investment hands-on support to our founder in terms of industry expertise where available, market and customer research, strategy, and operational planning. The CS team will be working with you most closely as the Build begins.

Strategic support is provided post-investment. Our strategic support spans across Tech capabilities, HR support, Marketing, Corporate Secretarial, Finance, Corporate Strategy support & Investment support (for follow-on funding requirements).

Yes, please free free to contact info@reapra.sg directly.

We allow single founders and we accept founding teams to apply.

There is no cost to the participant aside from taking the time to participate in business plan validation. If we do not proceed past our Investment Committee, You will own all original materials that you have submitted to REAPRA during the application phase or that you have created out of the Sprint or other phase of the Project, such as business plans, decks, and financials specifically for your business idea.

Build 80 is a REAPRA branded venture builder platform that founders can join to create a start-up together with REAPRA, leveraging our Founder's know-how and our company's customized suite of services for Founders.

Investment process

You can apply here.

We tend to lead the Seed round, and will have first right of refusal to invest in the follow-on round.

For Build 80 investments, we will look to incorporate a Company with you, once our IC have reviewed outputs from the Sprint step conducts in one of our offices.


The investment amount depends on the business needs, target market and the Founder's Go-to-market strategy. The investment can range up to SGD 300,000. Additional Funding is available case by case.

We will lead most of the time, but there could be exceptions and will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

The equity that we take from our venture builds varies depending on the amount of capital and level of cross-border and operational support. You should see us as your strategic co-founder that can fast-track your business, and reduce the risk of failure.

REAPRA will usually lead the first round of funding and take up the whole round. Yes, our Investment team will support your external funding needs for follow-on funding after you pass the Investment Committee and have joined the REAPRA family.

Yes, for any follow-on rounds.

As we review at least 50 early stage businesses a month, it is impractical for us to sign any NDAs, especially for those businesses at the idea stage.

What It's Like to Work With Us

In addition to providing capital, REAPRA is uniquely and extensively involved in providing strategic and operational support to founders in multiple ways. We have a team of 20 to support our entrepreneurs in 6 work streams - business strategy, tech advisory, legal, HR, fund raising and admin support across Southeast Asia. We have in-market teams in key SEA markets to provide localised support to our founders. This enables our companies to scale across markets faster and more effectively.

Our culture is built on trust, passion and ambition. We aim to build businesses that value-add to the world. We promote a highly collaborative environment and are performance focused. Our key customer is you, the Founder. Your success is our success.

REAPRA is well connected to the global venture capital community, including funds, corporates, and family offices. As such, we leverage our network to support your external fund raising needs. In addition, our Investment team has a good track record in fund raising.

We have an extremely experienced HR team in Singapore and in markets in South East Asia where we are located. We leverage and continue to improve our HR platforms and tools to find the best talent for you. Our team actively participates across SEA and has strong ties with partners such as educational institutions and related stakeholders.

REAPRA has 60 companies under our existing portfolio today, and we have built our experience and network around business development in many different sectors across B2B and B2C business models. Our Corporate Strategy team is the best team to advise you on this.

As we take an active role in our companies and for selected businesses, we do take board seats.


Thank you for your interest.You can email us us at nicholas.martin@reapra.sg. For investments (more mature businesses), please send to info@reapra.sg.

Our HQ is in Tokyo, our regional HQ for Southeast Asia is in Singapore. Our tech team is based in HCMC and Danang and we are aggressively expanding. Over the next year or two, we will have offices Bangkok, KL, Manila and Jakarta.