Determining entrepreneurial fit

Our future partners are based in South East Asia. What we’re looking for are the entrepreneurial qualities within a person. Their drive, focus, ambition and tenacity. In return, we’ll be their long-term partner who brings a range of resources to co-develop the business.

The straightforward application process begins here. Those who successfully screen will be invited to join one of our periodic Sprints.



Take an idea to strategy to POC

The Sprint step allows our Build 80 Team to work with our entrepreneurs to accelerate your learning without building or launching. Working with members of our team, we will answer critical business questions through intensive mapping of the problem, prototyping and testing ideas with customers. The outputs allow our Investment Committee to assess you and your idea for seed funding.

Our IC review

Review outputs from the sprint and make decision to invest

Our team assess outputs from your Sprint, reviewing the potency of your idea and potential as a business partner.
We will then work with selected entrepreneurs on Term Sheets, Incorporation of your Company and Phased Capital Injection based on agreed Business and Financial Plans.


The build begins

Assigning a team and working towards a MVP

If you pass our IC, Post-investment, the partnership grows with the hands on involvement of the Reapra team and partners. This rich resource spans industry expertise, market & customer research, strategy and operational planning. The Build 80 team reduce operational burden from our entrepreneurs across legal, HR and administration as well as fund raising across South East Asia. Our in-country teams provide targeted, local knowledge for the region, an essential component for swift and effective growth.

Each of the teams work alongside you, to build towards Minimum Viable Product and beyond.