The story of our founder, Shuhei Morofuji

Shuhei morofuji

Launching his first company

Our founder, Shuhei Morofuji, was unwilling to accept the path that was expected of him.

His destiny, upon graduation, seemed to be that of the average salaryman in Japan. But Shuhei-san, wanted something else, a better, more efficient way towards his own definition of 'success'.

It was this mindset that led him, at 25, to start his own company. Realising the barriers to entry into the healthcare sector, he took the path less trodden and sought to improve the ageing population situation.

Sms company

Responding to a brewing crisis

Research uncovered a brewing crisis, with only 60,000 registered health care workers in the country. The biggest pain point was in recruitment. In response, he set-up SMS, an online recruitment tool to connect hospitals and retirement homes with staff. It was an early triumph and with it, the company spread to ancillary services.

It took a mere 5 years from start-up to successful IPO, the shortest in Japanese history.

Dedicated to a new mission

Today, SMS provides more than 20 web-based services for elderly healthcare.

However, a challenge lay ahead. Innovation in Japan had been traditionally stifled by founders holding on to their businesses beyond their original vision.

Morofuji-san built SMS to be last longer than just his lifetime. He recognised the business is bigger than the man. He retired at 35 to rededicate himself to a new mission.

Helping other achieve their business dreams.

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